Why Interaction Design?

Interaction design domain is extremely satisfying, just reading through the book by Preece is enlightening. It is an essential component of Human Computer Interaction Design discipline. Reading about this domain, I had several flashes of past and present technology show up instantly in my mind. The journey from MDA Pro through to the interactive display on Apple products and beyond started to make sense.

Although I have been an active user of several computing devices for over two decades. I have often struggled with qwerty keyboards on my T Mobile MDA pro [fig 1.1 below], Windows PC, Mac Book Pro, several GPS devices, in car Entertainment system [yes I started using these when we only ever had a radio in the car and in my very first Fiat car, there were no rear view side mirrors]. Originally, I was virgin to the concept of Interaction Design. I never knew that there was a scientific approach to designing and developing things and that companies listen and observe people using their devices and then iterate to improve.

Once I joined Human Centered Systems [HCS] domain in 2015. I had my eyes opened. I do not think that after tasting the sweet taste of nectar (UCD), I can never look at technology the same way as before. I am now significantly more appreciative of the technology and am always curious to understand the design and development processes. Getting involved in developing or enhancing design and functionality of interactive devices is immensely satisfying.
I still remember the time when, while I was using this MDA Pro [it had a sleek stylus and I loved flashing it around tapping things on the screen to show off…]. In those days, Apple launched its very first iPhone. People including my friends and relatives were really appreciative of the touch screen functionality iPhone offered. At that time, all I could think of was ‘rubbish’, how can the touch of a finger achieve functionality. I thought that perhaps this model of iPhone by Apple is going to flop [I am guilty of making this assumption in my mind before even testing out the phone or even looking at it, as it was hard for me to imagine in those days that something like this could exist and that too without a stylus]. Once I started using Apple, I never looked back, I have owned virtually all models of iPhone to date and I love my iPhone and the Apple products. Thank you, Apple!