Communication tool: Sketching

Visual communication using pictures, picture cuttings, and a simple line or figure drawn by hand are all important aspects when you are trying to communicate insights and findings to your stakeholders [both internal and external]. Beautiful drawings may be a necessary evil when sharing the work at the corporate level

User Journey

User Journeys are a buzz these days and why not, they help contextualise data about our target and current customers or buyers of our products or services. User Journeys are a technique of data visualisation using a combination of storyboard sketches or images, a definite sequence, a start and an

Conceptual Design

Primary research and observational research findings to achieve the goal of encouraging more people at this particular customer service center highlighted several opportunities, I have listed the key findings below: Dominant pathways [most used routes within the center] went straight to the security personnel placed near the entrance doors. I

Analysing UX Results

Once the task and requirements are established, data is analysed and assuming we created personas after analysing the primary research data, the next logical stage in Interaction Design is creating a mould or designing and developing a high level concept map or concept design to better understand and communicate how

Ethnography and Mental Models

Contextual Observation is Vital to Research

As user experience and interaction design engineers, we must be sensitive to people and how they behave in situations, this is where ethnography or observational research methodology comes into place. Simply observing people can be extremely enlightening as to how best to develop or